xbox or playstation?

This question is as old as time :) The question should be... are you a console person or a computer person? Don't forget, most gaming takes a long time, so if you already have a pc, there is no real reason to get a console.

Do you want a playstation or an xbox" href="">xbox?

Both are great consoles, but I am a fan of xbox" href="">xbox, since it has the microsoft suite that comes along with it.

You might think that its not that important, but once you purchase a game that sometimes costs a pretty penny, you might want to have your saved games accessible anywhere. 

Let me give you an example:

I was playing on my xbox" href="">xboxand it broke. Big fat bummer, but that's not the worst of it... I didn't want to get another and didn't want to start playing from the beginning.

I just used the microsoft games suite and transfered everything to my pc.


Cool, right? :)