Best pc for gaming?

In the market for a gaming pc? It might sound scary to get into choosing a device that meets your requirements, but fear not. Just read this article and you're good to go.

Pc gaming" href="">Pc gaming is not as stressfull for the device as you might think.

There are just a few simple things that you need to take care of before you start looking into it. 

First of all, decide if you need a laptop or a desktop.

Pc gaming" href="">Pc gaming is usually done over a desk anyway because you need to be sitted confortable as sesstions tend to be stressfull for your back. If you intend to stream on Pc gaming" href="">, we recommend a desktop.

Laptops tend to become simple replacements when it comes to Pc gaming" href="">Pc gaming, and they are more expensive than a desktop.

Heat will damage them in the long run aswell.

Cheaper configurations require a decent CPU, but nothing close to expensive top of the lines. Intel i5 or ryzen 3600, 4600 are just enough.

8GB or RAM memory are sufficient, however we recommend 16GB.

The only expensive element of the build is the GPU, but since you're going with a desktop, we just say, don't spend more for a top of the line one, as a 3060 will do just fine.

Enjoy Pc gaming" href="">Pc gaming, and lots of FRAGS :)